Cleveland, OH

APB & Associates, Inc. is a construction project management consulting firm that specializes in
professional project management, construction management, construction compliance,
business process improvement, capacity building, and technical training and is dedicated to
providing its clients a cost-effective solution customized to meet their needs. Established in
2004, this minority, veteran owned firm is a provider of high quality construction management
services, text-based instruction and experiential learning designed to improve skills, and ensure
significant growth for its clients.

The company provides public, private, non-profit, and institutional clients with construction
compliance and project advisory services, comprehensive training, and innovative technology
based solutions, to comply with federal, state, and local regulations and meet business
challenges. The company is headquartered in Cleveland and has a regional office in
Washington D.C.


To support the organization’s mission, vision, and values by exhibiting the following behaviors:
excellence, competence, collaboration, innovation, commitment and accountability.


Under the guidance of the Senior Program Manager, the Construction Compliance Monitor will
adhere to schedules and attend project meetings, as needed; manage Biometric machine onsite
to monitor construction workers’ as they report to work and leave; complete assignments and
communicate updates to project team members; track completion of project deliverables; and
prepare client and stakeholder reports to ensure quality and integrity of all project-related
products and services.


The Construction Compliance Monitor uses their organizational, analytical and planning skills
and abilities to manage tasks effectively and assist in completion of projects as expected. Detail
job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Manage projects as assigned and assist APB teams with overall project needs including:
    project start-ups, phase-ins, phase-outs, customer service, communications, reporting,
    and monitoring and/or evaluation of project activities.
  • Assist in evaluating and identifying solutions when problems, roadblocks or challenges
    arise on a project and refer them to the Senior Program Manager.
  • Ensure that project reporting (e,g, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) and key
    deliverables are tracked and that processes are in place to ensure timely delivery of
    reports and other requirements – this includes writing or editing reports and submitting
    them to the Senior Program Manager, team members, leadership, and stakeholders.
  • Assist in project planning, diversity compliance and other project requirements to
    ensure complete understanding and interpretation by the project team, architect, the
    construction manager, owner, and other key stakeholders.
  • Use tracking software, Excel spreadsheets, Biometric machine(s) and related software if
    applicable, to track and monitor the contractors and their personnel working on the
    jobsite or remotely.
  • Perform construction site-walks and on-site visits as assigned to monitor and document
    in-field contractor compliance with diversity and workforce inclusion requirements.
  • Assist in the execution of quality control activities in accordance with construction
    inspection programs, OSHA safety regulations, and diversity and inclusion compliance
    regulations using specified control measuring and testing.
  • Understand and perform document control functions and confidentiality in accordance
    with APB’s and the Construction Manager’s policies and procedures.
  • Attend project coordination and construction manager meetings, as required.
  • Research and recommend solutions to project issues, including conflicts, interferences
    and errors/omissions.
  • Support program development efforts to identify new opportunities; conduct research;
    liaise with clients, partners, and other stakeholders; assist in program design; assist in
    proposal writing and editing; and assist in proposal production and presentation.
  • Assist the Senior Program Manager with the generation of schedules and compliance
    reports, management of minutes from meetings; and updating project information,
    project costs and estimates; and design assistance as necessary.
  • Assist the Senior Program Manager with development of INNOHUB in multiple markets,
    its six enablers, and methodical implementation of INNOHUB features as appropriate.
  • Serve as point of contact and coordinator of all program or firm requests for inclusion-
    related activities and/or assistance; centrally manage and organize all files/documents
  • related to inclusion and compliance.
  • Actively participate in the planning, coordination, delivery, and recording of results of
    community engagement, outreach events, contractor activities, and special programs
  • Conduct construction and project related research as instructed.
  • Perform additional assignments and responsibilities as requested by the Senior Program
    Manager and team.
  • Professionally represent APB & Associates at conferences, training and events as

Qualifications/Skills/Behaviors and Knowledge Requirements

• BS / BA degree, helpful but not required
• Experience in construction management, helpful but not required
• Bilingual preferred
• Extensive knowledge in Microsoft Office and working knowledge of PM software
• Strong sense of detail and the ability to work under tight deadlines
• Ability to manage simultaneously occurring tasks and shifting priorities
• Ability to take initiative and execute assignments when needed
• Ability to work in a fast-paced office or field setting that requires a great deal of
interaction among laborers, superintendents, project managers and project executives
• Ability to work in groups on various projects in fast-paced environment
• Willingness to collaborate and exhibit “team first” approach to work
• Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to interact with a variety of
• Willingness to learn and accept responsibility for professional and personal growth
• Willingness to keep your immediate supervisor and managers informed of your activities
as requested
• Willingness to work in an active construction environment
• Willingness to have fun

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