APB and Associates’ Senior Program Manager, Dawn Mayes of the Guardians Renovation Project led a 3-part Series Workshop in July & August of 2022. 

Dawn’s role as senior program manager is to ensure DEI is embedded throughout the entire Construction project. In order to be successful in this, it requires strategic planning and execution, as well as anticipated insight of challenges or opportunities that may arise throughout the project. Her role is to also build a viable pipeline of residents, small businesses and youth towards job opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, and exposure to growth and expansion

As small community businesses thrive so does our community as a whole. Small businesses are often scrambling for crumbs on bigger projects. Unaware to how to properly enter a bid, network with larger companies and hold mentors accountable to promises made.

Dawn Mayes

In this 3-Part Series “Scale Up Your Business for Success” Dawn will provide vital knowledge for small business success, teaching them to position themselves for bidding, partnerships, match making and looking for a mentor. “

“These workshops are tools to give small businesses the tools they need as a foundation for growth and expansion. The best part is the workshops are hosted at Progressive Field by the Guardians. This allows you to see the worksite, meet the Guardians staff as well as the construction team to find out what they are looking for.”

Workshop 1: How to Create your Capabilities

Small businesses learn the importance of a Capabilities Statement as a selling tool, how to create it and how to use it.

Workshop 2: Is Match-Making Right For Me?

Small businesses learn what is match-making, the benefits, and how to prepare for match-making events

Workshop 3: Navigating the Mentor Protégé Relation

Small businesses learn how to seek Mentor-protégé relationships, what to expect from them, and how to ensure capacity building throughout your business.

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