APB & Associates, Inc. is a consulting and technical training firm that specializes in professional services for construction management, land development, and project controls. The firm is dedicated to providing its clients with a cost-effective solution designed to complete complex construction projects on time and within budget. APB understands the demands of a construction project, and our team of site project engineers, project managers, and schedulers are ready to fill the gap to meet your needs and the needs of your local subcontractors.

Planning, Project Management, & Land Development Services

  • Construction Project ManagementConstruction project management ensures that all elements of a construction project are supported and executed efficiently throughout the project lifecycle. APB manages construction resources over the life cycle of a project through various tools and methodologies to control scope, cost, time, and quality.
  • Site Planning Support ServicesConstruction & contractor support services such as estimates, program evaluations, constructability analysis, project scheduling, and more.
  • Capital Expenditure PlanningCapital expenditure planning includes the people and procedures a business relies on to evaluate long-term needs and assess long-term business requirements. Comparing needs to long-term plans and business growth objectives helps the business prioritize and plan for capital asset purchases.
  • Estimating and SchedulingAPB helps you define and unify the vision for your project. We plan and communicate with the master plan while controlling cost and reducing risk exposure.
  • Project Engineering and Admin SupportA project administrator is responsible for various administrative duties surrounding a project. These duties may include documentation, meeting management, handling the project budget, and using time management skills to help the team stay on track.
  • Contractor Diversity Inclusion ProgramImproving workforce diversity in construction isn’t just about employee equality—it can increase productivity and bolster the bottom line. While D&I programs have been popping up in recent years, construction still has a long way to go before it reaches equal representation in the workforce, APB  assists in Including diverse perspectives on teams and in decision making is essential to the program and project success. APB will locate, evaluate, and engage qualified MBE, FBE, and VBE small businesses. We also address the labor requirements serving as workforce intermediary between the owner, community, developer, and commercial tenants.
  • Master Plan TimelinesAPB helps you define and unify the vision for your project. We plan and communicate with the masterplan while controlling cost and reducing risk exposure. Our Master Plan Timeline Service provides a tool to plan, control, and communicate your Master Plan. It is highly effective for planning different timing scenarios, essential for high-level communication with your staff, upper management, and Board of Directors, and keeps you informed through periodic updates showing a comparison of the progress against the plan, the “Big Picture” of all of your future projects on one timeline, and monthly cash flow graphics. 
  • Auditing and AssessmentsA construction audit is a review of various aspects of a project to ensure they are performing appropriately and in keeping with the contract.
  • Contractor’s Representative – The Contractor Representative is the person named by the Contractor who will have authority to act on behalf of the Contractor in the instance that the contractor will be unavailable. 
  • Project Delay & Cost Impact Analysis – Delays and changes occur during construction that impact the schedule, consequently impacting the project in its completion. An impact analysis is usually performed by a project scheduler and can be used on the vast majority of construction projects. 
  • On-site staff augmentation – APB integrates our staff of experts into your team to deliver your project initiatives resulting in successful outcomes for your client.



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